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Human expression, both individual and cultural, comes in a dazzling variety of forms and includes the physical medium of dance. The Dance Department at St. Joseph’s embraces the potential of this powerful expression in all people, whether they are skilled dancers or feel they have “two left feet.”

With a new dance studio, St. Joseph’s is the perfect place to discover dance or, for those who have had prior dance experience, to broaden and deepen an understanding of the art form. Classes are small, allowing for individualized learning and a flexible program that can adapt easily to students’ needs. The department offers courses that place the art form within its aesthetic, historical and cultural context; courses that foster creativity, self-awareness and expression; courses that require no movement; and courses that are completely technique-based.

The co-curricular Dance Performance Group is an integral part of the dance program at SJC. Closely tied to the academic program, it presents concerts each semester with works choreographed by students, faculty and guest choreographers. Our proximity to many performing venues affords students the opportunity to attend outstanding performances.

The study of dance prepares a student for many career choices by developing creativity, problem solving abilities and critical thinking skills — qualities that are valuable and applicable in any field, well beyond the arts.