Global Studies

Global Studies

Since 2002, St. Joseph's College's Office of Global Studies has provided a global learning experience. Our long- and short-term programs take students beyond the diverse ideas presented in the classroom, exposing them to a global environment of ideas, cultures and ways of life.


Join us for the third annual SJC Study Abroad Conference on Friday, October 20, 2017.


From the historic architecture of Italy to the green pastures of Ireland and experiential learning experiences in Nicaragua, our students have taken advantage of opportunities not offered in the classroom.

In recent years, interest in short-term programs has dramatically increased and the office, working in conjunction with faculty, has developed many programs. Short-term programs that have been developed include Argentina, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and Spain.

Unlike most colleges, St. Joseph's College has valued study abroad by funding student study abroad experiences in faculty-led and/or semester long programs. This has made study abroad accessible to all students.  St. Joseph's College scholarships apply to tuition abroad. The college also grants a significant number of $500-$2,000 stipends for faculty-led programs.