Council for the Arts

The Council for the Arts is a group of volunteers from the College and the surrounding communities that foster and encourage an appreciation and enjoyment of the fine and performing arts. The council's ultimate goal is to develop a lasting love for the arts in SJC students and in the larger community, which will encourage their active involvement either as participants or as informed spectators.

Ramona Candy, Director
Phone: 718.940.5351
Fax:  718.636.4314

Spring Semester Art Shows


January 11 – February 22, 2017
Alumni Room Gallery, Tuohy Hall

Curated by Che Baraka, the exhibit features the works of Jennifer Crute, David Redmoon Darkeem, Amber Robles-Gordon, Linda Hiwot, Musa Hixson, YK Hong, Karl McIntosh, Charlotte Mouquin, Vivian Ara Ruequeros and Emmett Wigglesworth.


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Council Members

Ramona Candy
S. Susan Wilcox 
Jane Beckwith 
Roberto Figueroa 
William Trevino 
Maria Montoya 
Christian Branch 
Sarah Carrier 
Leon Bernardyn 
Michael Banach 
Jaime Vacca 
Kean Hawker 
Peter Lin
Maribeth Flynn
Wendy Jones